October 31, 2015 Greg

Greg’s picks Fall 2015

Greg has worked in the wine industry for over a decade. He has been with Capital Wine since 2009, following a tour of duty in Iraq. Prior to that, he had worked at the original Wine Bar on Lark St., as well as for a distributor. Greg continues to serve in the US Navy with the ‘Seabees’ mobile construction battalion.


CA-wine-label-gregOrin Swift location wines, CA3, is a California blend of Tempranillo, Barbera, Petit Sirah, Syrah, and Grenache from Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and the Sierra Foothills vineyards. Rich, deep, powerful and complex layers of fruit stay focused with a balanced dose of acidity. The wine will change from start to finish in the bottle and the glass revealing black current, ripe plum, dried cherry, blackberry and notes of vanilla, bakers chocolate, pie spice and other complex notes. Enjoy CA3 with dinner or afterwards, its enticing aromas, taste and feel, make this a superb full bodied wine.

$28.99  Sale Price 24.35


navarre-wine-label-gregPineau des Charentes Vieux, a ‘Vin de Liqueur’ is a liqueur from the Charentais (Cognac) region of western France, and is made by adding 6 yr aged Grande Champagne Cognac to Ugni Blanc grape must and then aged for 30 years (20 yrs longer than required) making this a rare example of an exquisite aperitif. Candied tangerine peel mingles with salted caramel, and fresh tropical fruit ending in a long, finish of berries with toasted almond, marzipan and hints of candied citrus rind. The nose is intoxicating; the taste is exhilarating; and the finish magnificent. Since this is a fortified wine it will keep for several weeks after opening as long as it is stored in a cool dark area. Consume as you would a fine port.

Everyday low price  $59.97 


gaujal-de-st-bon-wine-label-gregGaujal de Saint Bon, Picpoul de Pinet, (French for ‘Lip Stinger’) is a white wine from Coteaux du Laguedoc, Southern France. Sharp citrus notes of lemon peel, light tropical fruit, with hint of green apple. This appellation is close to the Mediterranean Sea and it picks up a slight brine note in the mid palate much the same as sipping a wine on a beach. This subtle note combines with the sharp citrus, herbal notes and minerals to produce a wine that’s perfect for seafood, especially oysters! If you’re not a seafood fan, then chill this down and enjoy its crisp clean feel and finish on its own or with some semi soft cheese and fruit plate.

$11.99  Sale Price $10.07



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